Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 3/27/13

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 3/27/13


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Jack: Well, that's a situation we're gonna have to keep our eye on, but I trust Kyle. And it's not the worst thing that's happened in the last 24 hours.

Phyllis: Yeah, I mean, compared to that, of course it's not. But she's my daughter.

Jack: Unfortunately, we can't always protect the people we care about.

Phyllis: Well, she's my daughter. I'm protecting her. I mean, to walk in here, to your office, and see Summer standing here in her bra, wearing Kyle's jacket --

Jack: Well, she is your daughter, isn't she?

Phyllis: That's not a bad thing, to be my daughter. There are a lot of benefits to being my daughter.

Jack: I am your biggest fan. I can think of a million reasons why she's very lucky to have you as a mother. I'm just saying I wouldn't want to be you or Nick right now.

Phyllis: Are you trying to help me?

Jack: If she's like you, she's going to be fine. You turned out pretty okay.

Phyllis: Oh, you didn't know me when I was Summer's age.

Jack: I kind of wish I did.

Phyllis: I hope Kyle's not like you.

Jack: Fortunately, I think he's more like his grandfather. But I will talk to him about Summer.

Phyllis: Okay. I don't know if it's gonna help, because Summer just -- you know, she has her radar on him.

Jack: So what are the options? Lock her in a convent? A chastity belt?

Phyllis: No, no, no. That's -- that's too drastic. Um...I have an idea. I don't think summer's gonna like it.

Alex: [Chuckles] That has got to be the most unpleasant guy in the state, right?

Paul: Yeah, he wants answers.

Bob: It's too bad you guys don't have any.

Alex: [Gasps] It speaks.

Paul: And without a lawyer present. You know what that means.

Alex: Yeah -- he'll be singing like a bald canary before lunch.

Bob: What are you gonna do? You gonna waterboard me? Maybe the rack?

Alex: [Laughing] "The rack"? How about I put you in a room with the congressman till he bores the answers out of you? How's that sound?

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