Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 3/26/13

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 3/26/13


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Avery: When I think about my future, you're definitely in it. But marriage?

Nick: So it hasn't crossed your mind? Not even once?

Avery: Has it crossed yours?

Nick: Well, let's just say when you caught that bouquet, I didn't run away screaming.

Avery: Ah, no, you didn't. So, you're superstitious -- like black cats and salt over your shoulder?

Nick: Make fun of me all you want.

Avery: I will. I will.

Nick: I have seen that bouquet thing work too many times for it to be a coincidence.

Avery: Okay. So you think I'm gonna get married very soon because a bunch of flowers -- they actually hit me in the head first and then they fell into my hands.

Nick: All right. When you say it like that, it does sound a little ridiculous.

Avery: Yeah, it is ridiculous, especially when I think about how close we came to not even being around to joke about this kind of thing.

Sharon: Victor, I'm sure there's hundreds of people in the world who wouldn't mind seeing you dead. The real question is, why did Adam risk his own life to save yours?

Chelsea: Because he loves his dad. You need to hear this, Victor. Despite all of the damage you two have heaped on each other over the years, in Adam's eyes, you are still his father. You are still a man that he admires. All he's ever wanted is your love and your approval, but he never got it.

Sharon: The only time you ever acknowledge him as your son is when you need something from him.

Victor: And yet he clings to his family and to me. Why do you think that is?

Chelsea: I think after cliff died, Adam had to grow up without a father at a time when he really needed one. Adam had to sit on the sidelines of the soccer field, watching all of the other kids get high fives from their dads. He had to hear about camping and fishing trips, first cars and first crushes -- all of those important father/son moments.

Victor: Now, hold on for one second. I got to correct you, okay? The reason why Adam grew up without a father is because his mother, hope, wanted him to grow up in Kansas, on a farm, and not here in Genoa City. I wanted to raise him. She didn't want that to happen. Do you understand? That is why I was not there as a father when Adam grew up. You must understand that.

Sharon: The other day, Adam was looking at photos of his mother when he was a child, thinking about his life before he knew who Victor Newman was.

Chelsea: No one could live up to the perfect image Adam had of his dad, but I think he at least hoped that you would make an effort.

Victor: I think you're describing a different person.

Sharon: Is that really so hard to believe, Victor? I mean, didn't you grow up without a father? Isn't that what motivated you as a boy?

Victor: Yeah, I grew up without a father, okay? I always felt badly about the fact that Adam grew up without me. But that was his mother's choice. The moment he graduated from Harvard Business School -- which I financed, by the way -- he came into this town and he began to wreak havoc with my family. Please don't ever forget that. He had one thing in mind, and that is to take over Newman Enterprises, and now he achieved it.

Chelsea: You think Adam jumped in front of a bullet as part of a business ploy? That is asinine, Victor!

Victor: Listen to me. Whatever you have to say to me and about me, watch your tone now, okay?

Chelsea: I don't care. Do whatever you want to me. Have one of your goons steal me in the middle of the night and put me on a slow boat back to Myanmar.

Sharon: Chelsea.

Chelsea: No, Sharon. He needs to know this. That business was Adam's only connection to you. Don't you see that? It broke up our marriage! Adam couldn't walk away from you or that company, and now it could cost him everything! It's you, Victor. You're the reason he's fighting for his life right now. [Sighs]

[Purse thuds]

Sharon: Oh. Oh, here. Let me.

Chelsea: No, that's okay. I got it. Thank you.

Victor: Look. I know you both care very deeply for Adam, okay? But I want you to know that I'm aware of what he did for me, and I want nothing more than for my son to survive.

Sharon: And when Adam does pull through, are you gonna thank him for his sacrifice, or will it just be business as usual?

Victor: Sharon, let us put our energies together to make sure that he survives.

Sharon: Our energies?

Victor: I think that would be best for Adam right now, okay?

Chelsea: Adam longed to be part of your family, and the Newmans were horrible to him. He was shot trying to save your life, yet no one else is here. Maybe I was wrong, Victor. Maybe Maybe you're not the reason Adam might lose his life. Maybe it's your whole damn family.

Victor: Chelsea, I have to remind you that you don't know the whole thing, so please stop criticizing my entire family, now. You have no right to do that.

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