Best Y&R Lines Monday 3/25/13

Y&R Best Lines Monday 3/25/13


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Victor: Get me something to stop the bleeding.

Adam: [Weakly] That's what I get for crashing the wedding.

Summer: Hey. You will not believe what my mom just did to me.

Noah: She found a pair of underwear in the coach and badger you about it for 20 minutes?

Summer: I wasn't expecting that. What's wrong with you?

Noah: [Chuckles] I -- nothing. I don't know. Everything. [Sighs] I got to make some changes.

Summer: Change what?

Noah: I don't know, Summer. That's why I'm sitting here alone, trying to figure it out.

Summer: Okay. Do you want me to leave?

Noah: No. I'm... it's all right. What did your mom do this time?

Summer: Just the usual. She's going to Turkey.

Noah: What is usual about that?

Summer: I don't know. She just won't let me have a party at her place while she's gone.

Noah: Oh, how incredibly selfish of her. And I'm sure you're gonna abide by the rules.

Summer: Okay, seriously, you've been snapping at me all day.

Noah: Sorry. You're just in the line of fire. I'm -- I haven't been in a very good mood.

Summer: I have a feeling I know what got you there. Do you want some advice?

Noah: God, no.

Summer: All right, well, too bad, because you and Dad have been dishing out unwanted advice for a long time. So it's payback.

Noah: Payback?

Summer: Mm-hmm.

Noah: You got the wrong idea, summer. We don't do that as punishment. We're trying to help. When we give you advice about avoiding guys like Kyle Abbott...

Summer: Oh, yeah.

Noah: ...We do it because we love you. You get that, right?

Summer: Yeah, of course, but my advice is out of love, too.

Noah: [Chuckles] Okay. What is it?

Summer: I think that you should dump her. She doesn't deserve you.

Noah: You know, my mom spent 30 minutes trying to convince me of the same thing, and somehow, you seem a little more credible.

Summer: [Chuckling] Why?

Noah: My mom says that Adrianna's no good for me. She's got me spinning around, making mistakes, but she is doing the exact same thing with Adam. She's making the same mistakes that she's accusing me of making.

Summer: My mom is doing the same thing. She -- she even tells me, "Summer, I am doing the exact same thing, but you definitely shouldn't do it."

Noah: [Chuckles]

Summer: I-I don't know. It's just like she's too scared that I'm so much like her.

Noah: My mom must feel the same way. I don't know. Maybe they're right. Maybe we are just too much like our moms.

Summer: Okay, I am, but you are so much like Dad that it makes me sick.

Noah: [Chuckles]

Summer: But I-I say that out of love. Out of love.

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