Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 3/19/13

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 3/19/13


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Ashley: I have to admit that Abby was a little forceful with her invitation.

Victor: She was?

Ashley: Yeah. Sorry I missed your ceremony. I had to go say hi to Jack.

Victor: Something wrong with Jack?

Ashley: You're very sweet to be concerned about Jack, but, um, the crystal bowl that I brought you -- that's gonna be the only gift I give you today.

Victor: You brought me a crystal bowl?

Ashley: I did.

Victor: I'll be damned.

Ashley: You're gonna like it.

Ashley: I meant what I said before, Phyllis. My family's very, very grateful to you for helping Jack during his recovery.

Phyllis: Oh, that's sweet. What do you think I did, Ashley? Hand him a sandwich and magazines and say, "Buck up"? Do you know what it did to his mind, to his body? It was shakes. It was hallucinations, sweats. He didn't trust anybody else to be at the cabin with him except me. That should tell you something. He trusted no one else. He raged and he screamed things at me that, honestly, I didn't want to hear, but I took it. [Sighs] I was there when he needed me. I-I'm sorry. Where were you?

Ashley: Billy and Kyle thought it was best if Traci and I keep our distance.

Phyllis: Oh, did he? [Chuckles] So, if Billy hadn't told you to stay away, you would have definitely been here with Jack's head on your lap while he was detoxing?

Ashley: Absolutely.

Phyllis: Stroking his head?

Ashley: Absolutely.

Phyllis: Absolutely. Sure. But now that he's better, you're here protecting him.

Ashley: Well, if it was such a burden on you and it was so brutal --

Phyllis: I never said that.

Ashley: Then what are you doing here now? What do you want from jack now?

Phyllis: I'm his friend.

Ashley: That's exactly my point. You see him as a friend, and he sees you as something entirely different, Phyllis. And it must be wonderful for you, right? He's focusing all his attention on your needs. There's probably expensive dinners and gifts and flowers and champagne.

Phyllis: I can buy gifts and flowers and champagne myself.

Ashley: Of course, you can, but you can't buy the adoration, can you? He's trying to make you fall in love with him again. But you won't because you don't feel that way about him. Do you? And if not, you are setting him up to fail, and then what happens to strong and healthy Jack?

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