Best Y&R Lines Friday 3/15/13

Y&R Best Lines Friday 3/15/13


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Adam: Victor Newman -- the man, the myth, the legend. To what do I owe this prestigious honor?

Victor: Brought your wedding gift back to you, son.

Adam: My wedding gift? Don't you mean yours? "Body of unknown woman found in alley." Somebody else get you the same thing? Because I was just certain that if I got you a sentimental gift for the guy that has just about everything, that it would be perfect.

Victor: Feeling smug, aren't you? You watch out, son, because you may end up with nothing.

Victoria: The new catering manager's name is Ted, um, something or other. It's there on the tablet.

Nick: Yeah, it's Rogers. But it's Ed, not Ted.

Victoria: Yeah, okay. That's -- that's the guy. Anyway, he's expecting us.

Nick: Us or you?

Victoria: Hey, you know, if you'd rather deal with the phone calls, then I'll handle the food.

Nick: Done.

Victoria: All right. Okay. So, what do you think about the surprise that I'm planning for the wedding?

Nick: I think mom's gonna be blown away.

Victoria: Yeah? Good. That's great. All right, you have your to-do list, and I will handle the catering.

Nick: Hey, get some of those, uh, bacon-wrapped dates. I love them. Actually, I love anything wrapped in bacon, so just get a bunch of bacon-wrapped items.

Victoria: Right. Will do.

Nick: Several of them.

Victoria: Right.

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