Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 3/13/13

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 3/13/13


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Anita: I know. You have not brought me in, you and Chloe and Gloria. Honey, what gives with that?

Chelsea: Ugh. Did you swim in that perfume, mom?

Anita: [Sniffs] It's that expensive stuff you gave me. It just -- don't you love it?

Chelsea: Ugh. It's a little -- it's a little strong for me.

Anita: Are you gonna make baby clothes, too?

Chelsea: Um, maybe.

Anita: You know, the only time that I couldn't wear perfume in my life was when I got nauseous because I was, um... you're pregnant.

Abby: Seriously? You're still practicing those magic tricks that never work?

Carmine: I'm getting better.

Abby: You couldn't possibly get worse.

Carmine: I thought you liked these tricks.

Abby: I think you're confusing me with someone who's easily amused. I'll take a white wine.

Carmine: What? You're not gonna wait for your new boyfriend?

Abby: Alex is not a boyfriend. Although he is kind of cute. Did you see his eyelashes? Oh. And he's interesting, interested in me, and unlike you, on the right side of the law.

Carmine: You're the one who aided and abetted me. Or have you not told your new cop boyfriend that?

Abby: Oh, please. That's ancient history. I would much rather hear about the woman you're trying to impress with those magic tricks.

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