Best Y&R Lines Thursday 3/7/13

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 3/7/13


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Sharon: Didn't get the pleasure out of taunting Victor that you thought you would, huh?

Adam: When we took these photos...I didn't even know that victor Newman existed, much less that he was my father. It's like my life has been split into two separate halves -- before Victor...and after.

Sharon: Well, you shouldn't define yourself by your relationship with others.

Adam: Do you?

Sharon: I try not to.

Adam: Well, it makes sense to me in this case, because knowing my father...changed me. Don't even recognize the little boy in these pictures.

Sharon: Maybe that didn't have so much to do with Victor. Sometimes people just change. Me, I'm not the same girl that I used to be. Maybe that's a good thing.

Adam: Well, we have a lot in common, then. You can try and fight it. But we are a lot alike. Pretty scary thought, huh?

Sharon: It's so bright, it almost makes you forget it doesn't have a light of its own.

Adam: What's that?

Sharon: The moon. It just reflects the sun. That's the only reason we can see it.

Adam: I think I'm missing something.

Sharon: I am trying to make a point.

Adam: And I am missing the point of your Astronomy lesson.

Sharon: I don't want to be the moon. [Sighs] I've always had strong, powerful men in my life, and people only see me as a reflection of them, and I don't want that anymore.

Adam: [Clears throat] And you're afraid of that same dynamic between us. You're afraid of me.

Sharon: It's not you that scares me. I'm afraid that being in your orbit, I might not finish what I started. You know, I'm not the same person I used to be. But I'm not the one that I want to become yet, either.

Adam: And if you're with me, you won't get there?

Sharon: [Sighs] I just need to move forward on my own. And I think...I shouldn't work at Newman enterprises anymore... and I shouldn't live here with you.

Kevin: People like you and Lauren don't get divorced. You disagree. One of you spends a couple nights on the couch.

Michael: Lauren's been sleeping at the club for a week.

Kevin: Okay. That's just a couch with a spa and room service. It doesn't mean your marriage is over.

Michael: You haven't seen her, talked to her, heard the anger and disdain she feels towards me.

Kevin: Well, I am certain that the love she feels for you is just, um, buried beneath all that.

Michael: Dead and buried.

Kevin: Mike, you, Lauren, and Fen, you've been through a lot.

Michael: I abandoned them, Kevin. I didn't trust Lauren's instincts. She always knew that Fenmore was never gonna hurt Jamie. I was so scared, I couldn't see my own son for who he was.

Kevin: You're being too hard on yourself.

Michael: No. It wasn't Fenmore I saw pushing Jamie off the roof. It was me. It was me who was going down that dark and dangerous path again. It was me who needed to be stopped. It was me who needed to go back to prison. My son was just a convenient target for my own self-loathing.

Kevin: Mike, that's crazy.

Michael: Lauren tried to tell me what I was doing, and I refused to listen. She is never gonna forgive me for what I did.

Kevin: You have to give her some time.

Michael: I have. She's no closer to forgiving me than when she left.

Kevin: So that's it? You're just giving up on your marriage? Your life and your family mean that little to you?

Michael: Of course not.

Kevin: Well, then, stop sounding so defeated and stop focusing on what you did wrong and think about what you did right, okay? Fen was bullying Jamie. He was behaving like a selfish S.O.B. who was picking on some kid that was weaker than him. You prevented him from going down a really bad path. He understands that, and that's why he's forgiven you. Now you just have to get Lauren to forgive you, too.

Michael: How'd you get so wise?

Kevin: I have always been wise. In case you didn't know, I have made some mistakes in my life, and I have learned from them.

Michael: [Chuckles] Yeah?

Kevin: Yes.

Michael: Hmm. Okay. How do I get Lauren to forgive me?

Kevin: Well, that is where your genius, totally together brother comes into play. [Chuckles]

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