Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 3/6/13

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 3/6/13


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Adam: We have wonderful amenities here, ma'am. We have movies on-demand, cleaning staff, a cooking staff, and freshly brewed coffee every morning sometimes actually made by yours truly.

Sharon: Really? I doubt you even know where the kitchen is.

Adam: That is ridiculous. I know the floor it's on. It's here. I think it's around the corner.

Sharon: I thought that -- see, this is not the kind of full-service establishment that the brochures promised.

Adam: Oh, we service everyone's needs here.

Sharon: Mm. Well, I have a need that needs servicing.

Adam: What's that?

Sharon: My bags brought in.

Adam: Coming right up. We aim to please.

Sharon: I'll come with you.

Adam: Good, 'cause I want you carrying the heavy bags.

Abby: Hey, Jersey Boy. You mind turning off the pay-per-view channel in your head, coming back down to earth?

Carmine: Why? So you can grill me on who I'm seeing?

Abby: So you can do your job. I need a beer and a glass of Pinot delivered to my table. Thank you.

Carmine: Double-fisting, I see, huh? That's one way to cure the pain of rejection.

Abby: You know another way? Call the police. They're really good at chasing away bad memories.

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