Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 3/5/13

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 3/5/13


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Dylan: Uh, well, you hired me, so...we're even.

Sharon: Oh, not even close. First I tried to run you off the road.

Dylan: Well, first you christened me with coffee, and then you ran me off the road.

Sharon: Right. That's true. And then you saved my daughter.

Dylan: Which anybody would have done.

Sharon: Anybody who was kind and brave.

Dylan: Leaving now.

Sharon: Okay, wait, can I just say thank you?

Dylan: You're welcome.

Sharon: And faith thanks you, too. She told me that you kept reassuring her and that she felt strong with you.

Dylan: Good. I was shaking in my boots.

Adriana: Well, I don't know what we ordered, but it's on its way.

Kay: It's a Fabergé egg. Well, anyway, Nikki lost most of her collection in the fire.

Adriana: Check you out. You remembered your friend likes collecting weird-ass eggs.

Kay: Yes, but I didn't buy her one. Thank you...for not letting on before. Esther and I -- I just don't need her hovering over me like some -- some senile old woman.

Adriana: Mrs. C., I'm not trying to be all up in your business or anything... okay, but maybe we should figure out why all these withdrawals are coming from your memory bank.

Kay: Well, my God, I run an international corporation, this estate, and, I mean, I have a very busy social calendar.

Adriana: My abuela only had me to look after, okay? And she still didn't take time to take care of herself.

Kay: Where was your mother?

Adriana: Who knows?

Kay: Your father?

Adriana: Around. Sometimes. Mostly it was just me and my abuela.

Kay: Sounds like you and your grandmother were very close.

Adriana: Yeah, she taught me how to pray, you know, how to make split-pea soup. And how to knee someone. [Chuckles]

Kay: [Laughs] Anything else?

Adriana: [Laughs] She was gentle and sweet and stubborn. Way too stubborn. I used to tell her, "Necesita ver su doctor, abuela." She said it was nothing. She was scared. And I made her go anyways, and she was so mad. She was wrong. The big "C." Final stage. If she had only gone sooner... Mrs. C., I'm not saying you have cancer or anything, okay? But you should at least go to the doctor and get checked out...before it's too late.

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