Best Y&R Lines Monday 2/25/13

Y&R Best Lines Monday 2/25/13


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Sharon: You don't mind that I'm taking the morning off?

Adam: Just 'cause you want to spend more time with countertops than me? How am I gonna compete with that?

Sharon: [Chuckles] I'm thinking about you, though. How's that?

Adam: Eh... I'll see you later.

Adam: Bit of free advice -- that kid is trouble.

Nick: It's not him I'm worried about. Saw you with Sharon this morning. You need to back off.

Adam: You disappoint me, Nicholas. Here, I was thinking this new career path of yours meant that you were gonna stop trying to control people's lives and just start living your own.

Nick: I will not apologize for caring about my kids's mother. They need her healthy, body and mind.

Adam: Who abandoned Sharon? Who called her crazy, had her checked back into an asylum? See, while you were doing that, Nicholas, I was trying to get her help. So no one wants to see her well more than I do.

Nick: So you can play mind games with her again... just like you did with Chelsea? I promise you, if you jerk Sharon around just one more time --

Adam: You're gonna what? You're gonna have me drawn and quartered, and put my head on a spike? Nicholas, I am growing very, very tired of your threats.

Nick: That's not a threat.

Adam: Like it? I love it. What is it?

Sharon: It's my kitchen. [Chuckles]

Adam: No. No, I've been in your kitchen, and this is not your kitchen.

Sharon: This is the new renovation that Dylan designed.

Adam: Wow. Nice. You know what? I never understood why your refrigerator was where your oven should be.

Sharon: That's what I said!

Adam: So, uh... you think Dylan can do all this?

Sharon: Um, I think so. You know, he's buying some materials right now. But, I mean, he just whipped this up while he was standing here.

Adam: Hmm. Talented guy. I wonder if Nicholas is giving him the same caveman warnings about Avery as he's been giving me about you.

Sharon: What do you mean?

Adam: Oh, your ex. He, uh... [Both chuckling] He stopped by, and he was threatening me and thumping his chest, and I'm almost certain that, at some point, he's going to be trying to drop an anvil on my head. The man has turned into a huge cartoon.

Sharon: Yeah, he talked to me, too. No mention of an anvil.

Adam: None, huh?

Sharon: Mnh-mnh.

Adam: Well, trust me. It's coming. I'm telling you. He does know that you two are no longer married, right -- that you're like three or four wives ago for him?

Sharon: Exactly. You know, he just -- he doesn't want us spending time together.

Adam: Well, he won't be too happy when we have to start spending more time together.

Sharon: Are we gonna be spending more time together?

Adam: Well, your kitchen is about to explode. You're not gonna be able to cook, and with work and whatnot, I'm sure we're gonna be eating together a lot more often. And this project's gonna be -- what -- a few months?

Sharon: Well, I'll probably be able to cook in there. I'll just have to come to your house every night to use your dishwasher.

Adam: My house, and my dishwasher? Why me? Look, why don't we just save you the trouble, and why don't you just move in?

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