Best Y&R Lines Friday 2/22/13

Y&R Best Lines Friday 2/22/13


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Jack: Everyone in the meeting liked it. It's the perfect price, and it's gonna give us some primo shelf space.

Kyle: Yeah, well, I can't take complete credit on that one. That one actually came out of a brainstorming session with Abby.

Jack: Well, third-generation Abbotts taking Jabot into the future. I love it. And your grandfather would love it.

Kyle: So, wait. You are actually gonna overlook the fact that Abby's part Newman?

Jack: Well, no. But the bright, creative, funny part of her comes from our family.

Nikki: All right, now, I don't want a pity party.

Victor: I don't remember planning one.

Victoria: Mom...[Sighs]

Nikki: And I don't want you asking me, "Mom, are you okay, really?" Every time you see me.

Victor: Well, if she does, it's okay.

Nick: We can do that. Anything else?

Nikki: I don't want you to treat me like an invalid. Okay? I want to be treated normally. Because I'm not an invalid, and I'm not going to allow this disease to make me one.

Victor: Good.

Victoria: Okay, so can we hug you, or will you think that we're coddling you?

Nikki: Oh, honey, hugs are always welcome.

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