Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 2/20/13

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 2/20/13


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Dylan: Since you hung around and made sure I got to safety... yeah.

Sharon: Well, you make it sound like I carried you on my back all the way to the hospital when all I did was make a call.

Dylan: No, seriously, that's why I came by. I just -- I wanted to say thank you for everything. I know you came to the hospital. I know you called Avery.

Sharon: Well, you would have done the same thing if somebody had been hurt, especially if you were the one to blame. So, um, I'm glad you're okay.

Dylan: Yeah. We're both lucky that we survived the storm.

Adam: Saw you talking with my father.

Mason: Mr. Newman. He knows my Uncle Augie. He just asked me to send his regards.

Adam: Yeah? Yeah, my dad's famous for being considerate like that.

Mason: [Sighs]

Adam: What's he asking you to do, Mason -- spy on me, work with him to bring me down?

Mason: Sir, I-I told you --

Adam: If you're gonna work with the enemy, you have to be a better liar than you are right now.

Mason: I haven't betrayed you.

Adam: Not yet. There are not many people that are strong enough to stand up against Victor Newman.

Mason: I am. I work for you.

Adam: Do you?

Mason: Of course!

Adam: I don't think so. You're fired.

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