Best Y&R Lines Friday 2/15/13

Y&R Best Lines Friday 2/15/13


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Sharon: I know you will, because we are colleagues and friends.

Adam: Ooph. You and your foul language -- the "F" word. You keep saying "friends." I know.

Sharon: Well... [Chuckles] ...Just so things are clear.

Adam: We're clear on that. If you want, I can paint a white line right down the middle of the room.

Sharon: Oh. You know what? That's a good idea, because... then I can just slide your card over the line to you. Or I could fly it like a paper airplane.

Adam: My card, huh?

Sharon: Mm-hmm.

Adam: A Valentine's card. How thoughtful. "Happy Valentine's Day. Adam, a friend may well --" again with the friend thing, right?

Sharon: Well... you are my friend... after everything, no matter what. You know, you've given me support, a job, someone to talk to. You've given me my life back. So, yeah, you are my friend. Happy Valentine's Day, Adam.

Adam: Happy Valentine's Day, Sharon.

Nick: Hey, bud. Sorry, this booth is reserved.

Well, indeed it is...for the lovely Avery.

Nick: Yeah. You know her?

Oh, I know the type -- the type that admires men to whimsical adoration. You know, to designate a booth for her and only her -- that's, uh...that is why I'm here -- to meet the lovely Avery. [Laughs] I want to gaze at the face that launched a thousand booths. Whoo-hoo! Must be one hell of a gal.

Jack: You can tell all of this to Victor just like you told me.

Nikki: [Sighing] Victor. After all these years, he still thinks I'm the most beautiful woman in the room.

Jack: Well, that's because you are.

Nikki: [Voice breaking] But see... I don't want to suddenly be a disease and not "Nikki." I don't want him to look at a diagnosis.

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