Best Y&R Lines Friday 2/8/13

Y&R Best Lines Friday 2/8/13


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Adam: Victoria came by. She pitched me some idea about, uh, giving control of the company back to Dad. Went on about family and whatnot.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. It's me you're talking to. If anyone knows anything about not wanting to disappoint your father, it is John Abbott, Jr.

Adam: Well, I went to my father. And believe it or not, I offered him control of the company.

Jack: What -- you did what?

Adam: No, he didn't accept. He...brushed me off like dandruff from any one of his 386 black shirts. Look... for every time that I've disappointed my father, he has tried to come crush my soul 50 times over. And I'm just done with it.

Jack: That will get me through many a tough time ahead. So let me thank you by taking you out for a drink.

Phyllis: A drink?

Jack: Coffee. And we can share a piece of red velvet cake.

Phyllis: You're supposed to be cleansing your body of all toxins.

Jack: Ah, come on. I got to have one vice, don't I?

Phyllis: All right. I get my own piece.

Jack: You got a deal.

Phyllis: As if I would share red velvet -- red velvet with anyone.

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