Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 2/5/13

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 2/5/13


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Victoria: I can just hear him now. "It's all ours, Sharon. All ours." Ugh.

Victor: Yeah, he's a little full of himself now, isn't he?

Victoria: [Sighs]

Victor: But, you know, he's the one who was able to wrest control of Newman Enterprises away from Jack Abbott.

Victoria: Are you saying that I let you down?

Victor: Well, he's sitting behind my desk, isn't he?

Victoria: Yes. For now. But I plan to throw him out. Through the window, if I have to.

Victor: I've been wanting to hear you say that for the longest time.

Victoria: Daddy, we're in this together, to the end.

Fenmore: This is not a hypothetical. Do you think I'm guilty?

Michael: You tell me. Did you push Jamie off that roof?

Fenmore: Why should I bother answering you? You are going to believe Jamie anyway.

Michael: No. No. Fenmore, no. That's not true. Fenmore.

Fenmore: Will you put my full name on the arrest warrant? Fenmore Michael Baldwin? Or are you gonna distance yourself from the bad seed?

Michael: Whatever happens to Fenmore Michael Baldwin, I'll go through it with him.

Fenmore: Great. Now, can you -- can you tell me about this whole -- this whole jail thing? Now, will they -- will they cuff me when I'm taken away?

Michael: Stop it. Stop it.

Fenmore: Once I'm locked up, what should I expect on the inside, Dad? Tell me your perspective.

Michael: It's not funny.

Fenmore: Am I gonna need protection? Could you get some of your old jailhouse buddies to help me out with that? Yeah. It's called the internet, dad. You can find out anything on it. Including the fact that your father went to prison for trying to rape somebody.

Fenmore: Yeah. I know you tried to rape Christine.

Michael: Everything you read on the internet... isn't necessarily accurate.

Fenmore: Oh, so you didn't try to assault her or try to shoot Paul when he tried to stop you?

Michael: I should have told you. I was waiting for the right time.

Fenmore: [Chuckles] When was that gonna be? What -- the first time you visited me in jail?

Michael: Do you want me to explain?

Fenmore: Explain what?! What?! What?! That you are a hypocrite?! That the real criminal in the family is you?!

Michael: Look... I did all those awful things. But I am not that person anymore.

Fenmore: Well, isn't that great? It's a little convenient, though.

Michael: I am telling you the truth. I was a screwed-up kid with a lame father and an abusive stepfather.

Fenmore: Yeah, I know. I know all about your -- your horrible past.

Michael: It is not an excuse, but it is because I got wrapped up in a sick and twisted place that I was able to do all those horrible things to so many good, kind people.

Fenmore: But it's all good now. You changed.

Michael: It was not that simple. I won't have it that simple. You know nothing. I didn't change overnight. I went to hell and back to become the person I am now. It took years of therapy and self-examination and begging people for forgiveness for hurting them. And for the longest time, it wasn't enough, and I was afraid it would never be enough. And I look at you... I look at you now, and it scares me to think that you might have to go through the same thing.

Fenmore: Oh, my God. You think I'm like you. That I could actually rape a girl or try to kill somebody.

Michael: No. Because I'm trying to do everything I can to stop you from becoming like me... like I was. And I'm gonna do everything I can to make sure that never happens.

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