Best Y&R Lines Thursday 1/31/13

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 1/31/13


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Neil: [Clears throat] All right, listen -- I'm sure I know the first question on everyone's mind here is, Jack -- it's very serious -- do we have to continue wearing suits and ties?

Jack: Oh, what the hell?

Dylan: That's good. That's good. Any special drinks I need to know about? Your family's coming in, right? Anything, you know, specific for them?

Nick: Trying to impress them.

Dylan: Well, it's good for business and my tip jar.

Nick: [Chuckles] Well, Faith -- I don't think you're gonna get much of a tip from her.

Dylan: Why? Is she cheap?

Nick: She is in preschool. Now, summer, on the other hand, my teenage daughter -- you'll definitely get a big tip from her.

Dylan: Hoping I let the fake I.D. slide.

Nick: Exactly, but nothing stronger than club soda for her.

Dylan: Got it. How 'bout the over-21 women in your life?

Nick: [Laughs] I can take care of them myself. Any extras, can you just run 'em in the back?

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