Best Y&R Lines Thursday 1/24/13

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 1/24/13


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Adam: Jack asked me to handle this.

Tucker: Hmm. Jack should know I'm not someone you handle, Adam.

Adam: [Clears throat] You do own a sizable little piece of this company. Noted. As to why you're here...

Tucker: You got a flu?

Adam: I'll be fine. Thank you.

Tucker: Well, you look like hell.

Adam: Thank you.

Tucker: Are you kidding me, man? Are you drunk?!

Adam: Is that what you think?

Tucker: I think I'm not very reassured about the millions I have invested in this company now.

Adam: I understand your reticence as to some of the choices and decisions and actions that Jack has made as C.E.O., but, uh, now that he's stepped down --

Tucker: What?! When did this happen?

Adam: Earlier. Billy and I in charge, so jack is no longer a liability to this company.

Tucker: Oh. Drunk and drunker. Well, I can see the wheels have completely fallen of the Newman express now.

Adam: You speak with me as if you know me. And you, Tucker, do not know me.

Tucker: I'll tell you what I do know. You and Billy get along like a couple of raccoons in a burlap sack. You won't last five minutes sharing that chair.

Adam: Then may the best man win.

Tucker: As one gambling man to another, I doubt it will be either one of you.

Jack: You could always surprise him, you know? Just hand him the company. You'd be Victor Newman's number-one son.

Adam: And then what? I'd become just like Nicholas or Victoria. Just another child in the shadow of the oh-so-great man.

Jack: No, that doesn't sound like your style, does it?

Adam: Sooner of later, he would find a reason to say that I disappointed him. The truth is Dad needs me to be the outcast son. And I need him to be the evil father.

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