Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 1/22/13

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 1/22/13


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Adriana: Thanks. This place always this quiet?

Eden: I've been kind of slow lately. I'm lucky the boss hasn't cut my hours. I do need this glamorous job.

Adriana: Makes you wish you could win the lottery, huh, or maybe find a briefcase full of cash?

Eden: [Chuckles] I'm okay with earning it. But it would be nicer and a little faster. I guess, you know, I need some big tippers to start craving caffeine.

Chloe: Good news -- Dee-Dee's hanging out with Grandma tonight.

Kevin: Nice! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna do a little creative accounting.

Chloe: Whoa, wait. Is that what we're calling it? Shouldn't we come up with something more creative -- I mean, uh, like something to do with laundering?

Kevin: [Chuckles] Okay. Like, uh, washing the darks?

Chloe: Sorting the socks.

Kevin: Folding the sheets.

Chloe: Hemming the skirts.

Kevin: Starching the collars.

Chloe: Steaming the delicates.

Kevin: Fluffing the pillows.

Chloe: Wait, are we talking about money? What are we talking about?

Kevin: I have no idea, but either way, I like it.

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