Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 1/16/13

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 1/16/13


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Tyler: Honeymoon suite?

Lily: Hi. So, you were eavesdropping on my phone call?

Tyler: I don't troll around looking for people booking romantic getaways on a phone in public. That's actually not my style.

Lily: Okay.

Tyler: But it's cool. Your secret's safe with me.

Lily: [Laughs] Well, it's not a secret, all right? It's a surprise.

Tyler: So, cane's the lucky guy that you're planning this afternoon hookup with.

Lily: We're married, so it's not a hookup.

Tyler: This is one of those, like, "married people sneaking off to have illicit sex" things? This is pretty hot.

Lily: So, we're done here.

Tyler: Oh, come on. I'm just messing with you. I actually think it's kind of cool you guys still do stuff like this.

Lily: Yeah, seriously, we're -- we're done.

Tyler: All right, okay. But you can trust me, though. Yeah, I'm not gonna tell the boss about you and sugar cane skipping off to not hook up in the middle of a workday, but you owe me.

Lily: You know what? I think -- I think I'll risk getting caught, so thanks.

Tyler: That's half of the thrill for you, isn't it? Knowing that you might get caught. Hmm.

Neil: Yes, I do. It's because of me, and I've been pushing too hard. It's making you feel uncomfortable, I know. I'm sorry, really.

Leslie: You have nothing to apologize for.

Neil: I do have to apologize. You set some very clear boundaries, and I haven't been respecting them.

Leslie: Neil, you could build a 10-foot wall around yourself, and I would still want to do this.

[Knock on door]

Tyler: Hey, Neil -- oh, I'm sorry. I -- sorry.

Neil: Hey, Tyler.

Leslie: Oh, my God. My God, Neil. If that had been anybody other than my brother...

Neil: I know. Next time, we have to lock the door.

Leslie: No. No. Next time, we should do this somewhere else.

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