Best Y&R Lines Monday 1/7/13

Y&R Best Lines Monday 1/7/13


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Kyle: [Chuckles] Well, that is the best present I could have gotten.

Jack: Present? Oh, dear God. I forgot.

Kyle: Dad. It's okay.

Jack: No, it's not okay. So caught up in my own crap, I can't remember my own son's birthday.

Kyle: Dad, Dad, I don't care about that. Seriously. I have been so scared that something bad was gonna happen to you before you realized you needed help.

Jack: I'm scared, too. I don't remember when I was ever this -- hell, I've never been this... rudderless, without direction, with -- wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait. My dad and I were both Boy Scouts. I wanted you to be a scout, too. I -- I just wasn't around. Anyway... when we went camping, my dad used to bring this compass. I don't know. I think his father gave it to him. But... he never missed an opportunity to give me another lesson on... finding your direction, your passion, your -- your purpose, your -- your true north. Here. I want you to have it. You have been my true north. You forced me to see what was going a way no one else could.

Kyle: It's 'cause I love you, Dad.

Jack: I love you, too. Happy birthday, Kyle.

Lily: Well, I was just telling Tyler how creative you are, and you don't have to like all of his ideas, but we can bring him on, let him do his thing, and I bet we'll have the competition scrambling to imitate us.

Cane: You make a compelling pitch.

Lily: [Laughs]

Tyler: Well, normally my work speaks for itself.

Cane: Well, this time your work needed a translator, and since I trust my wife's instincts, I will give you another shot.

Tyler: Now, that's what's up, man.

Lily: [Chuckles]

Tyler: I appreciate that.

Cane: Okay. Go on. Startle me. Prove her right.

Tyler: [Chuckles] Lily speaks, people listen.

Lily: [Laughs] Well, you heard the man. Get busy. [Laughs)

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