Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 1/2/13

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 1/2/13


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Adam: It's time, Jack. We need to talk about the pills.

Jack: Oh, let's not make a priority out of that, okay?

Adam: You can't take a drink of water without wearing half of it. A woman died right here in your living room. So, yeah, I think we need to talk about your condition.

Jack: You're a little late to the party, okay? You missed the intervention.

Adam: A group of people came to you to talk to you about their concerns about you and your meds, and you reward their affection by firing them, you fire me, you go out and you get plastered? Yeah, I know. Your hangover must suck, Jack. But I don't think it's as bad as this woman Stephanie's condition.

Jack: I didn't force her to take the ecstasy.

Adam: No, and you didn't call EMT, either, did you, to have her stomach pumped?

Jack: I was unconscious.

Adam: You don't remember because of the pills and the booze. And if you don't see the connection, then you're either an idiot or an addict.

Jack: You listen here, Junior --

Adam: Do not "Junior" me after what I just did for you. What you are going to do is take a leave of absence from Newman. You are going to go away because of your heart condition, but what you really are going to do is flush that garbage out of your system at a detox place that knows how to be discreet.

Jack: I can detox in my home.

Adam: Rehab, Jack. Real rehab.

Jack: I don't need it.

Adam: No? There was a dead woman laying in your room, your living room, on the floor right there, Jack. Right there. She had a name. Stephanie. She had parents. She had a life -- maybe a life she didn't want -- and she lost it. It's gone now. So you're gonna go to rehab, and you're gonna get clean.

Jack: And what if I refuse?

Adam: Good luck explaining the corpse call girl to the press.

Jack: There's no way they would know that unless you told them.

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