Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 12/18/12

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 12/18/12


Provided By Wanda

Nick: It was when you sent me that photo of you. It was kind of silly but also hot with the dance pose.

Avery: Yes.

Nick: That's what sold it for me.

Avery: Okay, you are right now ordered to, uh, wipe that image from your brain.

Nick: No! No. No shot. In fact, I want to see it again, maybe on opening night.

Avery: No, that is not happening. Tell me the rest. That's not the only reason.

Nick: I just needed something of my own where my ex-wives aren't involved and my siblings. It's just mine.

Avery: Mm-hmm. Not your dad involved.

Nick: Yeah. This place is gonna be for people like me who are dealing with work and life, and they can come here and just kick back, have some fun, have some drinks, listen to some music, and maybe do a little dancing

Avery: I love it. I love it. I..I feel like we should have confetti raining or cannons booming.

Nick: Well, how about, uh... popping corks?

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