Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 12/12/12

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 12/12/12


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Billy: I'm not asking you to forget what happened. I'm asking--I'm not even asking you to forgive me. I'm asking you to give me a chance to make it up to you. You know, if we could just get away from here and focus on us, I know I could make that happen.

Victoria: You make it sound so easy.

Billy: It's that easy. Look, you just-- you take two T-shirts and you stir. That's it.

Victoria: Oh, well, no paper umbrellas?

Billy: Oh, that's easy, too. We'll just steal 'em from Finn McGee's. We have a little layover in New York.

Victoria: Ah. Montego Bay via JFK?

Billy: Yeah, well, we can't recapture our past glory without downing a few of our favorite green beers in our favorite pub... And I've got the princess tiara. It's already packed. It's ready to go.

Victoria: You had this whole thing planned before you even asked me.

Billy: Uh-huh, I had to, because I know you can't say no to effective preparation and organization.

Victoria: Hmm. Don't be so sure.

Billy: Come on. Look what happened last time we up and flew to Jamaica. We got faux married, which led to us being real married, which led to you and me and Reed and Delia and Johnny becoming the greatest family ever. Think about what could happen now.

Victoria: Well, are you talking about leaving tonight?

Billy: I mean, as soon as we make arrangements for Johnny.

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