Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 12/4/12

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 12/4/12


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Michael: I feel like I'm losing my son, and I don't know what to do.

Lauren: I can tell you what not to do. You can stop criticizing summer, because after witnessing that kiss-- our son has a major thing for her.

Michael: You can tell just by the way he looks at her. It reminds me of the way I looked at you when we first met.

Lauren: The way you looked at me when we first met?

Michael: It reminds me of the way I look at you every second of every day.

Lauren: Damn right. That's exactly what you meant to say.

Devon: You know, you don't need to bribe the whole floor with Danish, uh, treats there.

Lily: Okay, yeah, I don't, but it wouldn't hurt dad's image to bring in treats every once in a while.

Devon: All right. I'll tell you what would make him more approachable-- if he'd swap out those tailored suits for some jeans and a sports coat.

Lily: (Laughs)

Devon: Bam, no more hard-ass. People wouldn't be intimidated by him.

Lily: Okay, just getting him to loosen up his tie would be a major coup at this point.

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