Best Y&R Lines Friday 11/30/12

Y&R Best Lines Friday 11/30/12


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Adam: They put mustard on my pastrami.

Chelsea: Oh, God! Life can be so cruel.

Adam: Oh, the aftertaste.

Adam: You know, you-- you don't need Chloe for this. She's just a crutch.

Chelsea: (Laughs) Adam, it's kind of weird for you to come from nursing Sharon back to sanity, and now you think you can tell me who I should or shouldn't be friends with?

Adam: You are absolutely right. You were not. I support you, financially, emotionally. No conditions, no rules. I will open my wallet and I will shut my mouth.

Chelsea: That may have been the sexiest thing you've ever said to me.

Adam: (Laughs) Now if you don't mind, I'd like to make one small suggestion.

Chelsea: Did he bring you dinner, some ice cream, huh? A blankie for you to snuggle?

Sharon: Um, Adam is not here. Did anyone see you come in?

Chelsea: Oh, you're living in your old house, Sharon. Pretty delusional to think it'll stay a secret.

Sharon: I just needed some time.

Chelsea: Take time. I don't care, but do it without my husband. Stop calling him, stop needing him, stop sucking his life dry!

Sharon: Adam is my friend, Chelsea, and he's been my friend since well before he knew you existed.

Chelsea: Oh, please, the wounded dove thing again. Leave him alone.

Sharon: You know what? If you have a problem, that's between you and Adam.

Chelsea: No, Sharon, you're between me and Adam, and it stops now.

Sharon: I don't know why you're attacking me. If you're so worried about your marriage, then take it up with your husband.

Chelsea: (Chuckles) Well, that's funny. That's funny. It's actually hard to get his attention lately because I am a strong, normal woman and not some neurotic nightmare.

Sharon: Adam cares about me, Chelsea, and maybe that's why you're so worried about your marriage-- because, deep down, you know that Adam's never gonna love you the way that he loves me.

Chelsea: Adam loves you?

Sharon: I-I meant loved, loved. I just--you know, you-- you came in here attacking me, and I-I meant the past tense. I... you know, wh-what we had, it was destructive, and--and you and Adam are...

Chelsea: No, no, go-- please, go on. Tell me more about me and my husband.

Sharon: It's not tainted.

Chelsea: You mean, not intense?

Sharon: I-it's honest.

Chelsea: Except when he's lying to me about you.

Sharon: Look, Chelsea, I... (sighs) I have nothing. You know, I-I-- you have no reason to be jealous of me.

Chelsea: I'm not. I'm not anything of you, because you don't exist. Not in my world, not in Adam's. You are done, and from this day forward, you will stay away from my husband. No calls, Sharon, no tears, no begging him, no thanking him. You will leave us alone. Do you understand?

Sharon: I told you, he's just my friend.

Chelsea: No, Sharon, he's someone that you used to know a long time ago, and if you don't stay away, I swear to you I will tell the whole damn world that you burned down Victor's house.

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