Best Y&R Lines Monday 11/19/12

Y&R Best Lines Monday 11/19/12


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Neil: You know, even though I've made some significant contributions, I still feel as if I could have contributed more.

Leslie: You were really just the "yes" or "no" man.

Neil: Well, I'm -- yeah, I'm really more of a hands-on kind of guy.

Leslie: Oh, there's nothing wrong with that.

Neil: Wait till, uh, I start making people do things my way.

Leslie: Oh. Is that the vibe at jabot? Strict and militaristic.

Neil: No! I'm only gonna make you salute me on Mondays and holidays.

Leslie: Ah. You know, you would have been a great officer. All pressed in your dress uniform, not a button out of place.

Neil: What? Wait, wait. Are you saying that I'm uptight?

Leslie: I'm saying you appear to be. Yes. You know, when we were together before, I just -- I got the feeling you wanted nothing more than to let loose. Hmm. I see I'm not the first person who's told you that.

Neil: Oh, come on. You know, it's just, uh... it's office gossip. That's all.

Leslie: Yeah, I know office gossip. And from what I hear, you're a bit of a hard-ass.

Neil: That's, uh... [Clears throat] That's not true. You know, because I'm -- I might be tough, but I'm fair.

Leslie: Hope so. I'm leaving a firm full of hard-asses. I'd hate to trade one circle of hell for another.

Neil: I'll tell you what. I will wear jeans every single day and skateboard through the hallways if that'll make you feel better.

Leslie: [Chuckles] I will settle for your sleeves rolled up and a smile. Such a nice smile.

Kay: Oh, dear. I was so hoping that Joe Jr. and Pearl would be here, but the diner is open on Thanksgiving. So that does that. Devon will be here and, uh... and Jill now that she's back from Australia.

Nina: You might want to cross Paul off that list. I'm sure he and Chris will be in bed, eating turkey legs.

Kay: Do you think there's any chance that maybe you misunderstood things?

Christine: [Speaks indistinctly] Sorry for interrupting.

Nina: Seems to be the order of the day.

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