Best Y&R Lines Friday 11/16/12

Y&R Best Lines Friday 11/16/12


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Jack: Yeah, running a multimillion-dollar conglomerate just gets my juices flowing.

Phyllis: Yeah. Well, you--you remember what happened to Leo at the end of the movie, right?

Jack: Don't worry about me. I'm a survivor.

Phyllis: Just-- you had major back surgery. Just make sure you have your life jacket on. (Chuckles)

Jack: Well, all I can say is watch out, world. We're gonna be great together.

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah, we're gonna be really good.

Jack: You've been cheating the world out of a very important part of you.

Phyllis: Not anymore.

Jack: No one's any happier to hear that than me.

Phyllis: It's--it's just been so difficult. I mean, the trial, everything with Nick, and... Avery, and my--summer, just-- I've been sort of bouncing from one crisis to the other. I just--I now-- I have one direction.

Jack: Well, I'm happy to have afforded you that direction, but I have to be honest with you-- my motives for bringing you on board at Newman were purely selfish. I want to be the best. When I'm with you, I am.

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