Best Y&R Lines Friday 11/9/12

Y&R Best Lines Friday 11/9/12


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Gloria: Kevin. I want to talk to you.

Kevin: You said you had no interest in backing me, mom. There's nothing else to say.

Gloria: It is not you that I can't get behind. It's this--it's this project. I mean, come on, a shopping web site? Kevin, you are far too creative, far too intelligent to be wasting your time on something that is so Chloe.

Kevin: (Scoffs) thanks for the pep talk.

Gloria: Listen, you ask me to invest in something that you feel passionately about, I will back you 100%.

Kevin: Thank you, mom. I'll keep that in mind for when TagNGrab tanks.

Gloria: Well, maybe it needs to tank. Maybe you need to tank. Maybe then, you will finally realize your full potential.

Kevin: Well, that is great advice, mom. Thank you. (Scoffs) Get out of here. Get out of my uncreative, uninspired coffeehouse, and take your $7 million with you.

Gloria: You arrogant little-- you call me selfish? The business I spent years building is in a pile of ashes, and all you care about is how much you can get your grubby little hands on? Too much, Kevin.

Michael: I'm worried about Kevin.

Lauren: Do you really think that TagNGrab is gonna go under?

Michael: Mm, it's just the symptom. It's not the problem.

Lauren: Mm. So what's the diagnosis, Doctor?

Michael: You've seen the way he's behaving. He's tense, short-tempered, irrational. He's behaving like an idiot.

Lauren: Actually, it seems like a bad case of old Kevin.

Michael: Huh. Since Chloe and Delia came into his life, I forgot there ever was an old Kevin.

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