Best Y&R Lines Thursday 11/8/12

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 11/8/12


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Chelsea: Sharon--when she called you, what did she say?

Adam: I don't know what you want from me. You want me to tell you what she said word for word?

Chelsea: Well--well, it must have been memorable, to say the very least.

Adam: I already told you. She sounded very upset.

Chelsea: She sounded upset. Okay. Okay. I had lost a baby. She had lost her mind. I don't understand how that's equally upsetting to you, but I guess you think--

Adam: And I don't understand why you're making this a competition.

Chelsea: Didn't you? I would call you when you were with her, and I'd get ignored. She would call you when you were with me, and you'd just go running.

Adam: Chelsea--

Chelsea: So she was upset, Adam. Who cares?! I had lost a baby. I was grief-stricken. You might be her friend, but you are my husband.

Adam: That's right. That's right. Listen to what you just said. I'm your husband.

Adam: Why not, Chelsea? Hey, look at me. Chelsea, look at me. What we have--you and me, this marriage-- it is everything to me.

Chelsea: Is it? Still?

Adam: Baby, you're gonna have to trust me. This is as much about Sharon as it is about us.

Chelsea: (Scoffs) Adam--

Adam: No, you're gonna listen to me now, okay? I have done some things in my past that are reprehensible. And I regret them, and there's no way to make them go away. There's no do-overs, but the best I can do is try and rectify things, try and start with a clean slate for you and me so that maybe we don't have things between us. We can start fresh. No more bad karma. This is about us.

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