Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 11/6/12

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 11/6/12


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Avery: Ah, thank you. Hey, Hi. Caffeine fix before school?

Summer: Yeah, Trigonometry test. Do you know anything about hypotenuses?

Avery: No. That sounds terrible... (Laughs) but good luck.

Nick: I'm not afraid of anything. Second, this is your idea of leaving the decision up to me? "Son, you can make whatever choice you want, as long as it's the exact same choice that I would have made."

Victor: You're under no obligation to do that, nor am I obligated to like your choices or respect them.

Nick: This is the same man in the same room where you told me how proud was of my parenting, about commitment to my children.

Victor: That still holds true, son.

Nick: This is where this decision comes from. I need to be full present in my kids' lives right now, dad. Both of their mothers have one of the deep end so if you think that's an excuse, then so be it.

Victor: So you're saying that you can't, um, be in business and be a good parent at the same time?

Nick: Tell me something. Where's Victoria right now? She's traveling for business. How long has it been since she saw her son? Yeah, she's got Billy and mom and all the nannies, so the baby's probably gonna be fine, but my kids need me right now. They need me, no substitute, and they're getting me. Faith has lost her mother again. Summer is in tailspin. Noah won't even talk to about some of the things going on in his life. Dad, you've got other kids who will save your legacy. My legacy is my kids.

Noah: If it hadn't become such control issue between you and Grandpa, would you be fighting to get Newman back?

Nick: No. The family dynasty thing is his dream.

Noah: What's yours?

Nick: I don't know. You'd think, at my age, I've that figured out.

Noah: it'll come to you, Dad. You got the funds. You got the brains. You could be whatever you want when you grow up.

Nick: Thanks, son. I'm hitting the gym. You want to go?

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