Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 10/30/12

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 10/30/12


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Kevin: I've never trusted that guy. I don't like him, and we don't share similar values. Those are three outstanding reasons not to go into business with someone, and yet, I let myself get talked into it anyway.

Chloe: When we couldn't raise enough money from the other investors, I was the one who pushed too hard to make it happen.

Kevin: I still should have refused. I had all these stars in my eyes about what TagNGrab could be, the kind of life that we could have. I just-- I wanted things to be so much better for our kids than they ever were for us growing up.

Chloe: I want that, too.

Kevin: Yeah, well, now we could end up with nothing,

nothing, because once again, I let my ambition get in the way of my common sense. It is the story of my life, Chloe... to just when I'm about to achieve something of--of merit, it gets ripped away from me.

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