Best Y&R Lines Thursday 10/18/12

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 10/18/12


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Billy: (Laughs) What?

Victoria: You're vibrating.

Billy: Maybe I just like you.

Victoria: Your phone.

Billy: Yeah, I know. It's Jack, probably. He can leave another message.

Jack: I-I thought you would be thrilled. We are number one, Dad.

John: And what does it matter, Jack, if you've given up all of your principles to get there?

Jack: I have done no such thing. I am running our company the same way you taught me.

John: Oh, please. I just wish that were true.

Jack: You can't begin to fathom what I have done to put our company on top.

John: Oh, you're right, son, I can't. And with all this maneuvering, do you ever wake up and wonder, what exactly do I own, and who are all these people that work for me?

Jack: If you were in my position, you would do the same thing.

John: No. Everything I ever did for jabot was to help my family.

Jack: This is about family! It is! This is about the Abbotts finally besting the Newmans.

John: (Laughs) No, Jack, it's about you versus Victor. That's all. No one benefits from this but you, and you will destroy everyone around you who gets in your way.

Abby: Uncle Jack is really out of line this time. How do we stop this?

Nick: Abby, you need to take it down a notch.

Abby: No, I've had it! He's messed with my father, brother, and sister, and now I'm gonna mess him up.

Nick: How are you gonna do that?

Abby: I am resourceful and tenacious, and I know how to write a strongly worded letter.

Nick: Okay, no matter what you say to jack, it's not gonna change anything. He's spent his entire life looking for revenge against Dad. Well, now he's finally got it.

Abby: Are you seriously saying that you don't want to beat him into a pulp?

Nick: Well, I did, but... (Sighs) There's more to life than Newman Enterprises.

Abby: Wh-what is this alien life-form that's taken over your body?

John: Jack... don't you realize that this "take no prisoners" attitude can only serve to hurt you?

Jack: It feels just great right now.

John: Oh, and it was essential to take over Victor's company.

Jack: You bet it was.

John: Oh, and what about your niece Abby, Nick, and Victoria?

Jack: I can't worry about them right now!

John: Ohh. (Chuckles)

Jack: Besides, they will always, always back Victor.

John: And why shouldn't they? He's their father.

Jack: Yeah, and you're my father. Why don't you support me?

John: Oh, so that's what this is about. You want my approval, my support, that I should tell you what a terrific job you're doing, Jackie!

Jack: No, no, I don't expect that. No, I don't hold any illusions like that. We agree-- I did this all for me. (Slams glass down)

John: To get back at Nikki?

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