Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 10/17/12

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 10/17/12


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Victor: You realize, of course, Jack, that news of this takeover is gonna send Newman stock plummeting... and this new board that you will surround yourself with will oust you before you were able to paint your name on the new parking space.

Jack: I guess we'll see, won't we?

Victor: So you and tucker are partners in crime? Is that it? Since he voted on your behalf.

Jack: No criminal activity. No, everything aboveboard.

Victor: You must have had a good laugh about Beauty of Nature.

Jack: What about it?

Victor: Tucker sold it to me!

Victor: Knowing full well that the two of you would get it back.

Nikki: You bought Beauty of Nature?

Victor: That's right, in exchange for Sharon's freedom.

Jack: That sly old dog. No, he didn't tell me a thing about it. Guess I'll have to thank him. Well, if you all will excuse me, I have someplace I need to be. Oh, uh, one last thing.

Nick: (Sighs)

Jack: The three of you have until the end of business tomorrow to pack up your personal effects and vacate this building. Oh, and, Victor... take the portrait with you. We're gonna need to make room for mine.

Nikki: I know what losing Newman enterprises is doing to you, and I will leave you to figure out your next move... but first, there's something I want you to know.

Victor: What's that?

Nikki: With or without this place...

Victor: (Sighs)

Nikki: You're still Victor Newman, and you're the man I will always love... always.

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