Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 10/16/12

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 10/16/12


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Noah: Oh, you're pissed at your mom, kid. That's fine, but last night-- not the best way to handle it.

Summer: Look, she cheated on Dad. She flaunted her boy toy around at her own trial. That woman is disgusting. She is the reason why I got so mad and drove off. Phyllis Newman is the cause of all misery.

Noah: Summer Newman was the one who put the key in the ignition and drove off like a lunatic.

Chloe: Hey. You left before I got up.

Kevin: That's the funny thing about coffee. People want it in the morning.

Chloe: No, really? I didn't know that. You know what else I'm clueless about? Whether or not we're okay.

Kevin: What, because of yesterday?

Chloe: Because I ratted out your corpse-moving escapade to Michael, A.K.A. the D.A. who grilled you on the witness stand. You know, some people may think that I'm a crappy wife because of that, but I happen to think that I am loving and just trying to be supportive and scared and a fan of C.Y.A. I mean, you're the husband. What do you say?

Kevin: I say, how can one person talk so much without taking a breath? I say, yeah, we're okay.

Chloe: (Chuckles)

Kevin: It's a brand-new day without me being in jail for moving a corpse, so I have wisely decided to obsess about how I'm gonna get Adam to sign off on some of my ideas at the meeting. That guy shoots me down every time I open my mouth, like I'm supposed to just shut up and write code at his command.

Genevieve: Good morning, Tucker. Beating the S.E.C. agrees with you. I'm glad you came out on top.

Tucker: Are you sure you weren't waiting to hear the crunch of my bones after you threw me under the bus?

Genevieve: (Laughs) Listen, uh, Jack really wanted you out of the way, so, you know, I had to comply-- against my better judgment, of course.

Tucker: That's a nasty habit, not admitting when you screwed up. You know, if enemies were hundreds, you'd be flush, baby.

Genevieve: I've never been one to try to win a popularity contest. One good friend is all I need.

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