Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 10/9/12

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 10/9/12


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Adam: What is going on down here?

Chelsea: Look at this. You know you love it.

Adam: All from your favorite shopping site, TagNGrab.

Chelsea: Mm-hmm. So easy, even an unborn baby can do it.

Adam: That's catchy.

Chelsea: (Laughs)

Adam: Maybe we'll pitch that at the next meeting.

Chelsea: Yeah, the meeting that can't wait until tomorrow.

Adam: What, you would rather open more loot?

Chelsea: No, I was thinking about something you can't order online. Well, I mean, I suppose you could, but I'd hurt you if you tried.

Adam: Ah, check out the claws on "Ms. Frisky."

Chelsea: (Laughs) I'm a newlywed with surging hormones. Lucky, lucky you.

Adam: Well, look, uh, Kevin--he's made some progress on some programming, so we'll have the meeting with him, and we'll take care of business...

Chelsea: Mm-hmm.

Adam: And then, uh, I will take care of business with you.

Chelsea: Kevin seemed almost random about his brother, avoiding Michael.

Adam: Yeah, well, siblings can be overrated.

Chelsea: So what are you saying? This little one's gonna be an only child?

Adam: Look at you, already moving on to baby number two, huh?

Chelsea: (Laughs)

Adam: Well, we do have enough stuff for a basketball team.

Chelsea: Mm-hmm.

Adam: Yeah, why not? As many kids as you want, whatever you want.

Chelsea: Just you and me?

Adam: Just you and me. You know what? Let's get out of here. I never took you on a proper honeymoon.

Chelsea: (Gasps) We can go on a "babymoon." We can go to the beach. I'm still allowed to surf. I asked the O.B.

Adam: Still thinking about surfing, huh?

Chelsea: I always am thinking about surfing. You want to watch me do my thing?

Adam: Oh, I want to see it bad, Mama.

Chelsea: (Laughs) Are you sure you won't be intimidated by my mad skills?

Adam: There is nothing sexier than a woman with mad skills...

Chelsea: Mm-hmm.

Adam: Except for a woman with mad skills who finds me irresistible.

Chelsea: (Chuckles) Ohh, and I do. (Chuckles)

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