Best Y&R Lines Friday 10/5/12

Y&R Best Lines Friday 10/5/12


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Nikki: Oh, watch out for this one, Katherine. She'll sell out her best friend for cash.

Kay: Mm, no, the lady was apologizing.

Nikki: Was she?

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Genevieve: You don't have to believe me, but I really do regret having hurt your family.

Nikki: You do? Well, then... I accept your apology.

Genevieve: Just like that?

Nikki: Look, we all know that you're mercenary and grasping, but at least you admitted it.

Genevieve: I did? Did I admit that?

Nikki: In spite of the fact that you have done things with men I care about that, uh, have not really been very kind.

Genevieve: Oh, right, right. Uh, unlike me... (Chuckles) who left Jack at the altar, you waited until after the wedding to dump him.

Nikki: I think everyone was happier with the outcome we had, so that's really all that matters. So... thank you.

Genevieve: You're welcome, I think.

Phyllis: Do you realize that you've made things really complicated in my marriage... and really complicated with my daughter?

Ronan: I do realize that. I also realize that as it may be complicated, it may also save your butt.

Phyllis: I don't feel saved.

Ronan: Invite me in.

Phyllis: No.

Ronan: (Chuckles) Okay, I'm gonna remind you how this works. You--you actually let me come into the apartment and then you unload on me. You vent with me like you can't with anyone else and you feel better, and I will, too. And then I'll come to the closed door, I'll open it, and I'll leave.

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