Best Y&R Lines Thursday 10/4/12

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 10/4/12


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Daniel: (Clears throat) Uh, could you pass me this sugar?

Heather: No problem.

Heather: Could you skim your hands over?

Daniel: What?

Heather: Hand over the skim... milk.

Daniel: Yeah.

Heather: We are talking about milk here.

Daniel: It's right here, miss Stevens.

Heather: Thank you very much.

Phyllis: I'm tired of being ambushed. I'm out of here, okay?

Nina: No, not until you answer the question. Are you having an affair with my son?

Phyllis: What is this? A tag team between you and Christine? She goes off on me, and then you pick up where your bestie left off?

Nina: Is everything a joke to you?

Lauren: Okay, okay, you know what? Phyllis is stressed. You are, too. Let's just table this right now.

Nina: No, no, answer the question, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Your son is a grown, grown man.

Nina: And what are you? 12 with no self-control whatsoever?

Lauren: Nina, come on.

Phyllis: No, who I sleep with--who anybody-- anybody sleeps with--

Lauren: Phyllis. Phyllis.

Phyllis: Her, him, him-- anybody here, it's their own personal, private business, and it's none of your business.

Nina: So basically the answer is yes.

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