Best Y&R Lines Monday 10/1/12

Y&R Best Lines Monday 10/1/12


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Jack: Genevieve has agreed to accompany me to the S.E.C. to share with them in detail how you hired her to find Victor, to keep him at bay, while you took advantage of Newman's plummeting stock prices.

Tucker: Is that all you got? You really think you can take me down with some unsubstantiated allegations from a woman who was just stripped of all her assets by-- wait for the punch line-- the S.E.C.? Her word against mine. I like those odds.

Jack: This wouldn't be your first run-in with the S.E.C. Do you really want to call my bluff?

Tucker: We're done here, Jack.

Daniel: Hey, um, I didn't know you played. Do--do you play?

Heather: What, guitar?

Daniel: Yeah. (Laughs)

Heather: Um, yeah, sure. I mean, doesn't everyone?

Daniel: Uh, yeah, sure, everyone, I guess, except for me.

Heather: Your dad never taught you?

Daniel: No, Dad tried when I was younger. It didn't go all that well.

Heather: That's kind of amazing.

Daniel: Mm. Well, not everyone's cut out to be a rock star, but a guitar-playing attorney-- now that, however, is impressive.

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