Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 9/26/12

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 9/26/12


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Adam: Look at you, all ethereal. You even had time to dry your hair. I guess Sharon gave us enough heads-up after all.

Chelsea: You have a happy snark and a sad snark. That's your sad snark.

Adam: Stop knowing me so well. It's irksome. I guess Sharon's doing us a favor. Having time to process one's emotions are overrated. Last night was the body blow. Today's the bruises, and they fade.

Chelsea: There's no way Nick and Victoria are okay with this, right?

Adam: The wham-bam funeral? Yeah, no. It's a safe bet to say they want to take Sharon out.

Abby: She is a slut. I'm sorry, but she is. I mean, not sorry she's a slut. Actually, I am sorry she's a slut. I'm also sorry that I keep saying "slut" in church. I said it again. The minister is talking about my dad and god and heaven, and I can't stop saying--

Billy: Okay. We got it, all right?

Minister: The Lord's love is with those who fear him.

Abby: Always knew Tucker was a pig, but he is more of a pig than I could have ever imagined. Makes sense. The pig and the slut.

Victoria: Dad's gone. He's gone, and I can't accept it because--

Abby: Because his widow is here in white. Um, sacrilege much? And liar. Hello, whore. At least I stopped saying "slut."

Billy: (Inhales quickly) Do you think maybe we should think about deep, peaceful thoughts right now?

Abby: Okay, you want a deep thought? God thinks Sharon's a whore, too.

Victoria: Amen.

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