Best Y&R Lines Thursday 9/20/12

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 9/20/12


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Victoria: Did that shrink test you for delusions? Because my guess is you would fail that test.

Sharon: You two have undermined and sabotaged me at every turn. You've embarrassed this company with your public tantrums and by dragging me into court. You let wall street and the press make us into a punch line. You have investors running scared because you two have your father's ego and you lack his common sense. When victor walked away, that put me in charge, and now I have to clean up the mess you've made, and you two are gonna help me do it.

Victoria: And on what planet would we help you?

Sharon: You say all you care about is making right by Newman Enterprises? Well, then, you prove it, because I'm going to call a press conference, and if what you really care about is this company, then you and the board of directors will stand by me and with me. You will get up there and say that I have your faith and support as Newman's C.E.O.

Phyllis: I'm not leaving my family, Michael.

Michael: Look around you! Sweetheart, your family's not here. If you took a plea... if you spared them the anger, the angst, the frustration by telling the truth just once, if you--if you trusted them, the people who love you-- they will understand.

Phyllis: What about the people who hate me? What are you gonna do, dance on my grave?

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