Best Y&R Lines Thursday 9/13/12

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 9/13/12


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Genevieve: Do you still think I'm after something? Hmm.

Victor: I don't know.

Genevieve: Well, let's see, now what could that be? Crummy beer, crummy tips, getting pinched on the rear end every other minute. Oh, wait a minute! I know. Rent money. That's it.

Victor: (Laughs) Well, I don't think you would have been kicked out of the mission if Sister Celeste had thought that you were trustworthy.

Billy: Well, whosever circling, I'm sure you can handle 'em.

Victoria: This particular vulture isn't as easy to pick off because he actually happens to be my vulture-in-law.

Billy: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wh. Jack?

Victoria: When Newman stock tanked, he loaded up on shares. Your brother now owns over 5% of Newman Enterprises.

Billy: Wow. Are you serious?

Victoria: Fortunately, when you amass that much stock, you have to file with the S.E.C., so if Jack is planning a hostile takeover, then at least we have warning.

Billy: When you say "hostile," I hope you're not serious, because I don't want it to come to that. We don't need a whole lot of family infighting anymore.

Victoria: (Sighs) Oh, God. You know, none of this would have happened if daddy was here, and we still have absolutely no word.

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