Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 9/5/12

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 9/5/12


Provided By Eva

Adam: What you reading?

Abby: Ew. Personal space. (Sighs)

Adam: Ew, sibling zone.

Abby: (Scoffs) Surprised you're not in the Sharon zone down at the courthouse. "Hi, Sharon, my wacko, klepto, weepy-eyed ex, I'll come save you, because we're both freaks."

Adam: I'm on a low-freak diet. It was going to my hips.

Abby: (Snorts)

Adam: So why aren't you playacting like a reporter, fluffing your hair and flubbing your lines, or locking arms with Nicholas and Victoria in a sign of solidarity?

Abby: No, I'm gonna let them have all the fun, but I will turn my back if you want to scamper down there.

Adam: Oh, I'm sorry, were you saying something?

Adam: Hit "refresh."

Abby: Dude, you have your own phone.

Adam: Hello, full hands. Hit "refresh."

Abby: (Sighs) Empty brain.

Adam: Good one. Hit "refresh."

Abby: No one knows anything new, okay?

Adam: Yeah, we should probably stay out of it anyway.

Abby: You couldn't have thought of that three years ago and not turned Sharon into a psycho? Or maybe you could have taken her away for good, so she couldn't gold-dig on my dad, chase him off, and ruin is company

Adam: Dad was Sharon's golden god and he married her-- that is, until he left because, uh, Nikki and he are freakin' Liz Taylor and Dick Burton, and they have to blow the world up with their dramatic love.

Abby: You're just jealous. All the times you tried to ruin Newman, and your old squeeze finally succeeded.

Adam: Whatever. I'm going down to the courthouse.

Abby: Not without a chaperone, you're not.

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