Best Y&R Lines Thursday 8/30/12

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 8/30/12


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Eden: So was it the typical "single guy freak-out syndrome" of seeing your stuff at my place, or what?

Kyle: No. No freaking involved. Really, being with you has been... great. And it would be so easy just to stay, you know, and stay.

Eden: Okay, so then why not stay?

Kyle: Well, we had this plan for me to find someplace else. You know, before you get sick of me and burn all my suits.

Eden: (Sighs) Well, a girl does need her closet space.

Kyle: So in the interest of suit preservation...

Sharon: Okay, nick, you got me. I knocked Victor off his horse. I killed him, and then I dumped his body in lake Michigan before anyone had a chance to see. Oh, uh, now I forgot the part when I yelled out... (Laughs evilly) "It's all mine now, all mine."

Nick: Okay, okay, maybe I'm letting all of this get to me.

Sharon: You think?

Nick: But I need you to tell me if there's something I should know.

Sharon: I told you, I don't know where Victor is. I don't know anything about his disappearance because I had nothing to do with it! God, how could you think such a thing?

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