Best Y&R Lines Monday 8/27/12

Y&R Best Lines Monday 8/27/12


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Chelsea: She's going to figure it out. She probably already has.

Adam: What, that you're pregnant?

Chelsea: Shush!

Adam: Shush.

Chelsea: You shush! Stop.

Adam: Hey, she's not gonna know anything. I mean, look, you are glowing, yes. But that's easily explainable. You're married to me. Besides, if she gets on your case, just distract her. Tell her about this new tagger we have.

Chelsea: What tagger?

Adam: Ah, at TagNGrab. There's, uh, this little guy who's buying up a bunch of stuff. I don't know, it could be...

Chelsea: (Chuckles)

Adam: A boy, a girl, I don't know. But I do know that-- that they're very young.

Chelsea: Yeah, "young" is right. Looks like a little baby Einstein to me.

Adam: Yeah, "Einstein"-- I don't think that's the user name.

Chelsea: (Laughs) "Baby N."

Chelsea: "Baby N" has very traditional tastes.

Adam: One might even say Norman Rockwell-esque.

Chelsea: One might. "A wooden sled"... (Chuckles) "child-size fishing rod and tackle box." It looks to me like everything on here was ripped off the cover of "the Saturday Evening Post."

Adam: And look at the teddy bear.

Chelsea: Mm. That's adorable. It's a relief, actually. The two of us were such troublemakers, I just assumed we had some kind of payback coming to us, you know? Like we would have some kind of rebel child from birth.

Adam: Yeah, like, they'd come out with tattoos and piercings?

Chelsea: Mm-hmm. Yep. A Mohawk?

Adam: (Chuckles)

Chelsea: But this kid, this kid's easy. I could get along with this guy.

Adam: Yeah, they seem to be wanting to score some points with you. Check this out.

Chelsea: (Laughs) "My mom rocks!" Oh, my God, Adam. I'm gonna be a mom... (Chuckles) to somebody.

Adam: And you're gonna be a great one.

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