Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 8/22/12

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 8/22/12


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Abby: I should have come by sooner after Nikki left. I wasn't sure if my hovering and "there, there" sounds would just make it worse.

Jack: Actually, the proposition I had for you, the reason I called you over--

Abby: Hey, I know what it's like to want to pretend you don't have a heart and just focus on work, and by "work," I mean shopping and paparazzi and trying to get my name on Page Six. But I know you, and Mom just left and Nikki is chasing after Dad, and I think that you need to talk about it, to get it out with someone who-- who loves you and understands. Just, please, don't let this fester into a blood blister of misery on your soul.

Jack: I appreciate the support and the imagery. Look, I-I'm coping, I really am. Right now, some other things are happening, things we need to deal with, like this.

Abby: (Scoffs) Oh, yeah, Sharon is business anthrax. Everyone runs screaming.

Jack: Yeah, maybe we should be buying stock in hazmat suits.

Jack: It is a limited partnership. With it, you and I scoop up lots of lovely shares of Newman Enterprises on the cheap.

Abby: You don't give up, do you? Long after you and Dad leave this earth, you will return as ghosts and continue to spook each other for all of eternity.

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