Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 8/8/12

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 8/8/12


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Sharon: Victor is my husband and my concern, so why don't you get the hell out and go back to your husband? When your beauty sleep is but short

Nikki: So what have you done since victor's disappearance other than drink too much and embarrass yourself?

Tucker: Nikki, there's no need to make this ugly.

Nikki: Excuse me. Who are you to be injecting yourself into her marriage?

Sharon: (Sighs) Tucker, don't waste your breath. "Ugly" is who she is and what she does.

Neil: Oh, no, look at you. You know, I'm so-- I'm so sorry that your heel broke like that.

Harmony: (Laughs)

Neil: We should have-- we should have just driven to the movies, you know?

Harmony: It wouldn't have mattered. The air-conditioning would have still been broken...

Neil: Right.

Harmony: And the theater would have still been closed.

Neil: And no popcorn.

Harmony: (Laughs) Hey, you know what?

Neil: What?

Harmony: You know, I could, uh, break the heel off the other shoe and have myself a new pair of flats. (Laughs)

Neil: (Laughs) Oh, Harmony, you know what? This has got to be the worst first date ever. (Laughs)

Harmony: (Laughs)

Neil: Maybe, uh, maybe we should just-- maybe we should just give up and, uh, you know, try some other time.

Harmony: Let's just start fresh.

Neil: Yeah, o-okay. Yeah, well, um, what's your schedule look like? When--when would you like to do that?

Harmony: Right now. We could pick up some food from here for a picnic.

Neil: Okay, yeah. I-I heard there's a, uh, a free concert in the park.

Harmony: Hey, I am all over any plan that includes music.

Neil: And if it rains...

Harmony: If it rains, we get wet, and we'll have fun anyway.

Neil: Well, we'll be under my umbrella so we won't get wet.

Neil: I should, uh, I should go and maybe order some food, huh?

Harmony: Well, I'd say this date just got a whole lot better.

Jack: So Victor's still missing?

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