Best Y&R Lines Thursday 8/2/12

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 8/2/12


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Adam: You know, you're gonna make a great mother. What? I'm serious.

Chelsea: (Laughs) My plan is to think of how my mom would handle any situation and do the exact opposite.

Adam: (Chuckles) Yeah.

Chelsea: It doesn't really make for a sound parenting philosophy, though. (Chuckles)

Adam: Yeah, I can relate. My father, you know.

Chelsea: Yeah, but you were raised by your mom. (Gasps) I have an idea. Will you let me know how she did everything? How she convinced you to do your homework and eat your vegetables and all of the things I know absolutely nothing about?

Adam: Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy, tiger. We have loads of time. Even if you are two minutes' pregnant, we have time. And, you know, my mom, she did, uh, she did have a book that she liked, a book on parenting. She'd recommend it to people, so...

Chelsea: Do you still have it?

Adam: It would be in Braille.

Chelsea: Ah, right.

Adam: Even if t is out of print, we'll go look for it online or in a used bookstore, or-- you know, there's actually a good used bookstore in town, so...

Chelsea: Let's go.

Adam: What, right now?

Chelsea: Yeah. Come on, let's go!

Adam: Wait, hold on.

Chelsea: (Gasps) Ohh. (Gasps)

Adam: Oops. I hate to see you leave, I love to watch you go.

Traci: Oh, my God, Jack! Jack, we thought you were gonna be in that chair the rest of your life. It's a miracle! (Laughs)

Sarge: You ought to be damn proud of yourself, Jack.

Jack: (Breathing heavily)

Billy: Uh-oh, see? This--that's my brother for you. He has a tendency to focus on what he doesn't have instead of what he's got. Don't look at me in that tone of voice. You know it's true. Now pay attention. You have a gorgeous woman who is madly in love with you who's willing to marry you in spite of that chair. Not only that, but really, in spite of, you know, your personality.

Traci: (Laughs)

Jack: Thank you. Point taken.

Traci: Oh, Jack, Nikki is just gonna be so thrilled to know that you're gonna be up on your feet again sometime soon.

Sarge: Picture the look on her face, Jack.

Jack: What do you think has kept me going all this time?

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