Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 8/1/12

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 8/1/12


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Billy: It was just weird on all so many levels.

Victoria: Especially since tonight is the night before jack marries my mom.

Billy: Well, it could have been worse. They could have been screaming at each other. (Chuckles)

Victoria: You know as well as I do that my father will never stop hating jack.

Billy: Yeah. Hey, man, are we boring you? Are we keeping you up? (High-pitched voice) hey, look, look, it's john Abbott, the incredible flying baby!

Victoria: I should probably warn you that I just fed him.

Billy: (Normal voice) You want to go to mom, huh? (Laughs)

Ashley: I'm just so sorry that you're coming home to all this drama, drama.

Traci: (Laughing) Oh, honey. If one of us wasn't in crisis, I'm not kidding, I would think I was in the wrong family. (Laughs)

Ashley: (Laughs) I've missed you so much.

Traci: (Sniffles) I've missed you, too. Uh, Ashley...

Ashley: Yeah?

Traci: When the wedding is over, why don't you come home with me? Seriously, it's perfect. It'll give you time to think. You can get some perspective.

John: You need to find your happiness.

Traci: You know what dad would say-- you need to find your happiness.

Ashley: (Laughs) It's his birthday today.

Traci: I know. (Chuckles) (sniffles)

Ashley: (Inhales sharply) I wish he was here with us.

Traci: Ashley, he's always here with us.

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