Best Y&R Lines Monday 7/30/12

Y&R Best Lines Monday 7/30/12


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Abby: Oh, and trash pickup-- truly enlightening. I'm a much better person now. I'm learning important things, like, people will throw anything out their car window. Anything, like, "You know what? These jeans-- my butt look big. Out the window they go." You know, there must be a lot of people driving around pantless. You're staring. Can I look?

Daniel: (Scoffs) No. Shut up, I'm not staring.

Abby: (Gasps) Um, we're grown-ups. Granted, we are grown-ups who have seen each other naked, but we're grown-ups.

Daniel: (Laughs) Don't make me say it.

Abby: Ugh! Okay, you're right. Everyone has seen me naked. Can I look?

Daniel: No, shut up.

Abby: What, you think I'm gonna get jealous?

Daniel: (Groans)

Abby: (Gasps) Is she cute and bubbly, a replacement for me?

Daniel: Oh, God, I hate you.

Abby: (Scoffs)

Daniel: (Laughs)

Abby: Heather? You're crushing on Heather?

Daniel: Hey, come on, what--what are you what are you, like, 12?

Abby: (Giggling)

Daniel: She has stuff going on. I-I have stuff going on.

Abby: Right, but do the two of you have stuff going honestly, anything is an improvement after Eden.

Daniel: Hey.

Abby: (Stammering) I'm trying to see the attraction, because honestly, the artist and the attorney-- that would make a snoozefest of a rom-com.

Daniel: You know what? We've known each other for a while and we're just friends.

Abby: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: We're friends.

Abby: (Gasps) Oh, no, wait, I've got it! I've got it, I've got it. Okay, she's--she's got that whole librarian thing going on, and--and you could get her to relax. You could invite her over to your place and show her your etchings, and she'd be, like, all uptight and geeky, but then she'd take off her blazer and shake out her hair--

Daniel: Okay, you realize you're chasing me away?

Abby: Oh, to--to your friend? To your friend? (Makes kissing sounds)

Daniel: Yeah, I take it back. You're not 12. You're 10.

Abby: (Making kissing sounds)

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