Best Y&R Lines Thursday 7/26/12

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 7/26/12


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Billy: The powers that be think this should be on "Restless Style's" first promo.

Victoria: Did you smile and give them the eye twinkle? You know, people are gonna watch for the eye twinkle.

Billy: Yeah, no twinkle.

Victoria: Ohh, what did you do?

Billy: Just watch. It's, um...

Victoria: Listen, you spent a lot of time in Los Angeles working on the show, and you did it for Johnny and me, even though that meant singing on video chat and missing all of his cute babbling and talking, so... if this is what the show needs now, then just-- just do it.

Billy: You're kind of slaying me here, but I doubt your brother is gonna think I'm as awesome as you do. (Laughs) Ay.

Victoria: You know, I don't think that nick gets a vote on your awesomeness, given who he's married to. I mean, Phyllis created all of this mess when she plowed into Paul and Christine, and I have no doubt that Phyllis would run this story if it was about anyone but her.

Billy: Well said, wife.

Victoria: Stop.

Billy: Stop what?

Victoria: That look, and you know it.

Billy: I am not thinking smutty thoughts about you.

Victoria: (Gasps)

Billy: Okay, I'm always thinking smutty thoughts about you, but come on. Come on, come on, how great is this? You and me on the same side, 100% behind "Restless Style." Think about how great this could be on a day-in, day-out basis-- working on stories, working on the web site, working on the TV show, my side by your side, maybe some offsides between meetings.

Victoria: (Laughing)

Billy: Yeah? You know the offer still stands, don't you? Come to "Restless Style." The perks are excellent.

Victoria: I'm sure they are, but I have a job, and his name is Johnny.

Billy: Come on, you're a chronic overchiever. You're addicted to the adrenaline rush of being stressed out and doing too much. You could keep me in line at "Restless Style," put Johnny in a place to become president of the United States...

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